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This help pack only updates Autodesk Navisworks 2012 products and should not live gave to Navisworks put in for divide of Autodesk 2012 innovation Suites.

Lee Mullin

Hi André, We're looking at doing a blog post about this so keep an eye out, add us to your RSS feed and we'll be posting it in the next week or two.


How exatly does the Nvidia Vision Support work?

Lee Mullin

Thanks for the feedback Mike. The Updated Exporter Plug-ins are also for users who do not have a full Navisworks Product (Freedom, Manage and Simulate) installed.

We have many users who install the exporters as a standalone install, perfect for contractors who deliver a range of formats for collaboration. It was decided a separate updated Exporters plugin was better than including this in the 32 and 64 bit service packs meant for the full products.


"•Updated Exporter Plug-ins - you will need to install this for your exporters to continue running correctly after installing the Service Pack. If you have the standalone exporters on any machines then you should also upgrade to this version."

I noticed during the service pack installation, exporters were getting updated. Is that separate from the Updated Exporters Plug-ins? If you do need to run the Updated Exporter Plug-ins after the service pack, why don't you include it in the service pack itself?

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