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Lee Mullin

Hi DanS_34

This will only work with Revit 2013 and Navisworks 2013.


very novice user to Revit. How does one export a .nwc file containing the grid lines. I've installed the export plug in for navis in Revit 2012 but when exporting no grid lines are showing up when viewing the .nwc file in Navis 2013.
thanks for the help.



This is a wonderful and very needed feature - thanks! I was hoping that element properties might have a reference to grid lines that they may be connected to (mainly columns and beams) which would make it possible to create search sets to tie to sequencing tasks per bay. Looks like this info isn't in the element properties thought (unless I'm missing something).

Thanks again.

Lee Mullin

Thanks Mike, I've added this as an enhancement request with development.

Michael L. Maloney

Lee, my only issue with Grids is the inability to "EDIT" them, by that I mean moving the GRID BUBBLES away from the buildings..........Same thing with LEVEL Names..they are too close.


Michael L. Maloney

Lee, even though I love the new tools mentioned here, the biggest pain that I have, and I mentioned this in the NW Beta Testing, is the inability to "EDIT" the grids, i.e., I mean the inability to move the Grid Bubbles our further away from the Physical Model of the buildings..............they are too close to the buildings. Nee a way to 'extend' or grip edit the bubbles to move away.


Lee Mullin

Thank Patrick, I'll pass this on, I know it's something we're particularly proud of this year.


LOT of people VERY happy!

Patrick Villella
AEC Technical Consultant
CADsoft Consulting


Lee, nice post and very good explanations of these welcome new features.
I want to give a shout out to the dev team that listened to customer feedback and gave us the ability to easily view the Revit grids and levels in Navisworks. You've made a

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