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Lee Mullin

Hi Brian,

We know there's a wide range of models used so there's no set distance recommended. This article explains a little more about how our clipping planes are calculated which may provide more help based on the size of models you have. http://beyonddesign.typepad.com/posts/2012/01/why-does-my-model-look-sectioned.html
Best Regards



Thanks Lee

Is there than a maximum "unit" distance from the origin to the geometry that Navisworks developers would recomend?


Lee Mullin

Hi Brian,

This article is referring to the bounding box of all the geometry on the screen, as long as the GIS coordinates don't have associated geometry, then the bounding box will just be around the model.

If the bounding box is huge (10000km) then there may be problems with viewing the models, and potentially accuracy but this is something we would recommend against anyway, as there is no benefit of having an origin point in the Navisworks scene.


Is the above just applicable for geometry?
How goes Navisworks cope with GIS coordinates (up to 10,000km)
What if we want to work to GIS coordinates and have our clash results report in millimeters. Is that going to cause major problems as it does in many CAD applications?


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