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Paul Walker

Hi Håkan,
I've just posted a new tutorial covering this - http://beyonddesign.typepad.com/posts/2011/07/cross-referencing-nwc-models-and-2d-dwf-sheets.html
- let me know if this helps

Håkan Norberg

I have tried everything but I can't get nwc + dwf working. Maybe you can give a short step-by-step guide?

Paul Walker

Hi Håkan.
Yes, if you export your model as an NWC, let's say from Revit, and then export all of the associated sections, sheets and 2D views as a multi-sheet DWF, then the elements should all be linked bi-directionally when the DWF and NWC are brought into Navisworks.

Håkan Norberg

Hi, great feature.
Just one question. Is it possible to select an item in the nwc file and find that item in a 2D dwf? For me, it works from 3D dwf to 2D dwf but not from the nwc. Maybe I have to check some boxes in the nwc export settings?

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