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Lee Mullin

Hi Steve,

I'd suggest you look to rename your clash tests as Clearance and Hard tests. This way when you export a report it should be clear which is a clearance test and which is a hard test.

You may find the Clash improvements in Navisworks Manage 2013 help with this workflow as it is clear which test you are looking through at any one time.

Steve Perkio

Good post, thank you.

Can you help with how to tell the difference between a Clearance clash and Hard clash?

I have a multi-discipline finite coordination effort at a major hospital in California that has varying clearances required based on the trade involved.

What I'm noticing is that both clearance clashes and hard clashes show up the same.

There is no - (negative) shown if the clearance clash is in reality a hard clash.
Likewise, the description in the results tab doesn't change from clearance (obviously because my clash type is clearance) to hard, nor can I find any other way to tell the two apart.
My issue with this is that I can live with a 1/2" clearance clash, but some hard clashes have distance values of 1/2 or more, but look the same as clearance clashes.

I would think that there is some way to do this....

Lee Mullin

That's great to hear David, glad this tip came in handy!!

David Kingham

Thank you for this post, it makes a huge difference. I tested the difference between a normal hard clash and conservative and there were several that didn't show up in the normal hard check. I've switched all my standardized tests to conservative

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