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Paul Jordan

Excellent post Michael. I'd like to add a little bit to it so that users can figure out how to select all those categories and properties.

Have the users open up the Properties tab, then select an object they want to see the quick properties on. Say they select a pipe and it shows all those tabs in the Properties palette. Anything shown in the properties palette can be made into a quick property by making the category the name on the tab of the properties palette (i.e. PipeObject) and the Property being PipeSize or System or whatever it is they want to see.

I work with a LOT of new users on my team and I show them how to do some of this in a one hour intro class but, usually show them later on one on one at thier computer when they become curious about it.

Keep up the great work guys!

Lee Mullin

Cheers Michael, we know how popular they are by the number of comments I hear about them each week. We'll try to promote anything which can save you guys some time in set up and let you get on with the real work. I won't be at AU but Paul will be, make sure you say hi if you see him.

Michael Smith

Paul & Lee,
Great post. I am an avid user of Quick Properties for all the reasons discussed. Your "one size fits all" tip is quite valuable. You just validated all of my thinking regarding the use of this utility. As an AU 2011 Speaker this year, I am providing a lecture called "BIM from a contractor's perspective" and I'll mention this in my lecture.
Michael Smith
Director of VDC

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