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Li Jiang

I created an animation of moving columns from bottom to top and linked to the timeline. But when I simulate the model, none animation effects shown. I really don't know what causes this problem.

Lee Mullin

Unfortunately it's not currently possible, I've asked and it's not available in the API either. Can you email us using the 'Suggest a Topic' above with details about how you would see this working, what your workflow is, and any simple datasets that demonstrate the issue. I'll pass this onto product management.



Christopher Baze

Is there a way to automate the linking of similarly named animation sets and timeliner tasks like you can with search sets and timeliner tasks?


Looking for a further indepth session on animations in timeliner check out my session from Autodesk University 2009 - Navisworks Bringing your Construction Schedule to Life.

You will need a login for Autodesk University to View.

Lee Mullin

Hi Kalpana,

It depends what you are trying to do. You need to make sure that you still have the tasks constructing and appearing during the timeline.

I'd suggest if you are having problems that you post on the forums with more detail as you'll get a better answer there.


I loved this particular topic. Could you please add on to this? I have been trying to add an animation to timeliner.Before adding the animation, the simulation works fine. Once I add animation to a particular task, the screen goes blank during simulation.


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