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Jesse Arenivas

Space-bar + left mouse click drag = select box

Lee Mullin

It's completely unsupported but you can edit some of the shortcuts by editing the RoamerCommands.xml file – this file is installed in the Layout subdirectory of the install directory. However, I would urge caution when doing this as you may cause duplication of hard coded shortcuts.

If you do decide to attempt to edit the XML file then I’d recommend that you first save a backup of the file that you can revert to it in case of any issues.

Paul Jordan

Hey guys,

Just wondering if you've seen a shortcut for reset all appearances.

With the 2013 version of NW, we're able to have our team use Freedom to actually see what the items are that are clashing. Only problem is, they can't see where it is unless they reset the colors.

I can make this happen with my Razer N52 but, I'd like to have a shortcut key I could point them to so they can make this as painless as possible.

Any ideas?? Did I miss one somewhere??




Can you post the keyboard shortcuts that relate to clash detection please

Cory McDermott

This list is pretty extensive from what I've seen in NavisWorks.

I would like to see an expanded emphasis on customization of shortcuts. Also, I would appreciate more shortcuts related to the primary workflow utilized by our users: Clash Detection.

-Toggling the select Filter
-toggling highlighting
-changing group status
-creating a clash group
-assigning clash
-toggling "save changes 2013" or "save viewpoint 2012"

Thanks for posting.

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