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Lee Mullin

Hi Jason,

These XML's will in general be forwards compatible (e.g. 2012 should open in 2013) but not backwards compatible (e.g. 2013 XML open in 2012), as new features are added. It may be possible to manually edit these files to match the formatting of earlier versions and remove any 'newer' formatting or features.

Jason Seck

Has anyone noticed incompatibility between search sets created in let's say Navis Simulate 2013 and Navis Manage 2012? I created some in 2013 and got an error when I tried to import the xml file into 2012.

Lee Mullin

Hi Paul,

We've taken a number of the features that were previously hidden away in context menus and now made them more accessible.

Paul Jordan

I take it the feature with the icons on the sets pallette is a 2013 feature?


Lee Mullin

Thanks TheRevitGeek, we hope that this isn't news to everyone and glad that it's working well for you!

Thank Daniel, we are aware of this and this should only happen the first time as we index the file, typically we only load in a small percentage of the file and the properties at initial load to speed up performance, we just need to load everything searchable before searching for it. We are looking at alternate ways around this, but it would probably mean loading all properties initially.

Can you email us with more details about what you mean regarding the drag and drop?


I have been pushing search sets for years. One of the main reasons I love them is the capability to export and import them. I have created search sets based on Revit Categories, whenever I have a Revit file come in I import the search sets and half of my work is done.

Daniel Gijsbers

I fully agree with your rule. There are two things still to sort out:
1. If you have many searchsets (500) or so Switching tabs in the simulation tab takes incredibly long (from task to simulation)
(Autodesk has been made aware of this)
2. It would be nice if you could drag search sets from the selection tree property tab to the selection window /pane.

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