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Julie Jacobson

Matt, we understand the need to give users flexibility with version names. While the automated versioning depends on filename match, Field will also allow unique names across versions.

Matt Smith

The problem with this, is that the document retains the original file name, which more often than not includes the revision, which doesn't instill confidence in the user out in the field is looking at the right version.

Julie Jacobson

Thanks for your comment. While BIM 360 Field is not a replacement for your document management system of record, there are some capabilities that our user community has asked for including better support for versioning. Having access to historical data during and after a construction phase is critical for our users. We see the need to tie document versions to historical quality data in in BIM 360 Field, hence the need to support versions. Our customers typically load their documents into Field from their Document Management Systems of record using our API’s or third party solutions such as SkySync (

Remco van der Gaag

Hello Krystian,

Not to be offensive but why does Autodesk point its efforts on making BIM 360 Field a new type of a Document Management System, where all documents are saved locally instead of pointing the effort on making connections to the existing leading DMS's (SharePoint / Vault) which have a load more DMS capabilities (including versioning).

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