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BIM 360 Glue, is a great tool for any designer. Being able to resolve crushes in design stage will improves the work timelines on the ground

Lee Mullin

As a rule of thumb yes they should be, as the model viewing is using a different core this should improve performance too as well as ensuring everyone is on the latest files.

Larrey Brown

Are BIM 360 Glue models smaller in size than an AutoCAD 3D xref'd model?

Lee Mullin

Thanks for the comment Orie. One of the advantages of Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue is that is loads in over 50 different file formats, including IFC, DGN's and manufacturing formats, meaning you can load in one single lightweight federated model into AutoCAD rather than multiple different files. This is typically part of a more organised coordination cycle meaning you should have more recent files loaded.
This will work on all the AutoCAD verticals including Advanced Steel!

Orie Wall

I would really be nice to be able to view more than just NWD's in Autocad for coordination. IFC is another common format I have had many requests to view. If the Viewing engine has been integrated hopefully these other improvements aren't far behind.

Will this work for Advance Steel also since it uses Autocad as a base?

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