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Lee Mullin

Hi Saad,

Some of this is likely to be due to how Navisworks stores the data very efficiently so the Excel spreadsheet may be larger than the Navisworks files. However I have passed the concern onto development to see if there's anything we can do to improve this.

Saad Humaid


Such a great tool.

One of my concerns is that the size of the extracted cobie excel sheet is 3 times bigger than the size of the Navisworks model.

I tested it several times and I am getting the same issue every time.


Lee Mullin

Hi Michele, We've made an update to the exporter for you. Can you uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, download again and install from there?

Michele Carradori

I think this tool could be really useful.
However, I tried to install the COBie Extension for Navisworks Simulate 2016, but I think that the installer included in the folder is for Navisworks Manage 2016. I don't know if somebody else had the same problem. Could you please check the content of the archive and, in case I am right, replace the archive for Navisworks Simulate 2016?
Thank you very much!

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