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Martin Watson

Hi Lee,

This is an awesome post and I have been meaning to comment on it for a while.

Also as a construction professional, I wholeheartedly agree that it has been fascinating to sit back and watch the industry we work in turn digital, especially over the last couple of years in the UK where the government has pushed for the BIM Level 2 standard by 2016!

I particularly found it interesting how you mentioned that just 5 years ago Adele 'Rolling in the Deep' was a hit song and pirate of the Carribean was no. 1 film... When you look at it that way it really makes you realise how fast technology can actually move.

When looking at the figures for BIM Implementation in the UK it is crazy to see how many people and organisations are starting to use BIM on their projects and how in just a few years BIM will become commonplace on nearly all UK projects.

Bearing this in mind, I 100% agree, the construction site both in the US and the UK will continue to develop and change in terms of the technology we use on a daily basis to improve the way we work...

Mobile and cloud applications such as BIM 360 are a good example of something which is already happening across the UK. The use of Drones is not far behind this and is already beginning to emerge on many sites construction sites in the UK. We can only look forward to the benefits that Internet of Things and Big Data can provide.

It's true, there no better time to be involved with the construction industry.

I wanted to share a post I did about how BIM will continue to grow after 2016 as I feel it relates well to this post. As well as this I have also recently created a post about Drones in Construction which I think you could find useful.

If you get a couple of minutes it would be great if you could check them out! Feedback is always appreciated!

Either way, Happy Birthday Beyond Design. Keep up the good work!

You can check the content out here:


Ideas worth sharing! So where's the cake?

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