Compiled by Autodesk thought leaders:
Phil Bernstein - VP Strategic Industry Relations, AEC
Diego Tamburini- Senior Industry Program Manager, Manufacturing
Terry Bennett- Senior Industry Strategist, Civil Infrastructure
Erin Rae Hoffer- Senior Industry Program Manager, Building
Paige Rodgers- Senior Manager, Communications & Partnerships, Autodesk Foundation
Emma Stewart- Director, Sustainability Solutions
Catherine Palmer- Industry Marketing Manager, Awareness, Reputation & Thought Leadership

1. Pressure intensifies on construction execution and prices as lack of capacity in mature markets persist.

Image courtesy of Mir | Project Name: My Micro NY | Design: nArchitects

2. Construction sites look more like open-air factories with automation, modular assembly, and 3D printing.

3. Green is the new black!  City planners look to triple-bottom-line analysis for best decisions on resiliency, sustainability, and economic vitality.

4. As urban area populations swell, demand for connected housing with access to schools, jobs, transit and health care is in high demand. 

Image Courtesy of  Enterprise Community Partners

5. Water that was once lost to leaks, discharges, and wasteful use can now be found and used locally.  Read more about “Local Water”.

6. Policy makers and owners increase requirements for modern 3D design and construction technology (e.g. Building Information Modeling) to advance industry productivity and improve capital project outcomes.  


 7. Services to optimize energy and operations of buildings start to proliferate as The Internet of Things connects and gathers data from more and more building products, like security, HVAC, lighting, elevators and escalators, electrical and plumbing.

8. Emerging economies will advance efficiency in design, construction, and operations processes globally, using green investments made possible by the COP21 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

9. Engineering and architecture are recognized as noble professions, helping to solve epic global challenges.

10. Reality can be captured, augmented, and made virtual through big data to create a digital mirror of the physical world in near real time.

As you can see from these trends, there will be many significant changes to building and infrastructure design, construction, and operations.

Are you ready?